Saturday, May 7, 2011

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When I first started out with card making a couple of years ago, I marvelled at the beautiful and creative handmade cards that people would regularly create, and I started to think there was more to card making then just cutting up and sticking down pices of coloured paper with greetings I printed out on my computer.

And so began my journey into the wonderful and incredibly jouyful world of papercrafting, rubber stamping and card making.

This post is the main list that contains the links to all my articles on this topic. Enjoy!!

  • Introduction - Why I decided to make cards.
  • Equipment
    • Paper and Card
    • Rubber stamps
    • Inks and colours
    • Glitters and powders
    • Basic Tools
    • Advanced Tools
  • Workshops
    • Design principles and layouts
    • Sketches
    • Using the stampa-ma-jig
    • Hot embossing

Note: This is a work in progress so keep an eye out for the articles fresh out of the oven, by subscribing to my blog. Cheers and have fun!!

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