Saturday, April 16, 2011

I've got the Flu :(

Took a day off from work this friday, because I started feeling quite poorly. I have come down with a massive case of the flu. Ah well, I suppose I could a) Clean up my craft room! (I have tried doing this several times.)
b) Write up a blog post about a very interesting artistic concept on the Golden ratio, and how it pertains to cards and scrapbook layouts, or

c) Make some more cards.
Any guesses as to what I did first? :) I really have to get my craft room cleant, it really is annoying when you can't find the scissors, even though you've just used them a moment ago!!

Hope to get better soon, Thanks for reading my moan.
Till next time,

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mother's day cake and card.

To share the joy of Mother's day and to thank her for all the goodness and love, I baked my mum a cake and made her a handmade card to go with it.

My dad and brother also signed and wrote little messages for her inside the card, because she calls all of us her babies, including my dad!

The cake turned out soft and spongy, I really do love Betty Crocker cake mixes :)

I've entered this handmade card into the wagsnwhiskers challenge.
Till next time,